Marina Folescu

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Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of Philosophy, University of Missouri, 2013–present

Areas of Specialization

History of Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind and Language

Areas of Competence

Logic, Aesthetics, Metaphysics and Epistemology



Journal Articles

Using Benevolent Affections To Learn Our Duty. Forthcoming in Mind. DOI: Mind fzx004. (2017).

Remembering Events: A Reidean Account of (Episodic) Memory. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Early view: DOI: 10.1111/phpr.12333. (2016).

Thinking About Different Nonexistents Of The Same Kind. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 93(3) (2016): 627-649.

Perceiving Bodies Immediately: Thomas Reid's Insight. History of Philosophy Quarterly 32(1) (2015): 19-36.

Book Chapters

Perceptual and Imaginative Conception: The Distinction Reid Missed. In Todd Buras and Rebecca Copenhaver (eds.), Mind, Knowledge, and Value: Essays in Honor of Reid's Tercentenary. Mind Occasional Series (p. 52-74) . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Two Takes on the De Se. With James Higginbotham. In Simon Prosser and François Recanati (eds.), Immunity to Error Through Misidentification: New Essays (p. 46-62). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Encyclopedia Articles

Reid's Philosophy of Mind. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Work in Progress


Some Remarks on Reid's View of Memorial Conception
Philosophy Club Talk, University of St. Andrews, October 2017 (invited)
Work in progress talk, The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Edinburgh, UK, September 2017 (invited)

Perception As A Two-Stage Process: A Reidean Account
Margaret Wilson Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, June 2016
HOPOS 11, Minneapolis, MN, June 2016

Reid on Remembering Events
APA — Central, St. Louis, Feb 2015
The British Society for the History of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, May 2014

Benevolent Affections and Moral Agents in Reid's Action Theory
Sentiment and Reason in Early Modern Ethics, State University of New York Buffalo, March 2014

The Role of Sympathy in Reid's Action Theory
APA — Pacific, San Francisco, March 2013
Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy Spring Conference, Princeton, March 2012

Reid on the Objects of Perception
Margaret Wilson Conference, Dartmouth College, NH, June 2012

Reid's Account of Perception as a Two-Stage Process
The Early Modern Circle at Caltech, Pasadena, Oct 2011
Conceptual Content — History and Prospects, University of Cambridge, UK, Sep 2011

The Peculiar Photographic Character of Documentaries
APA — Pacific, San Diego, April 2011
American Society for Aesthetics — Pacific, Pacific Grove, April 2010

Some Remarks on Reid's Theory of Imagination
South Central Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Texas A & M University, College Station, Nov 2010
Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, July 2010

An Inconsistency in Reid's Construal of the Power of Conception
The British Society for the History of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen and University of Glasgow, March 2010

On Two Kinds of Photographs
Speculative Society, School of Philosophy, USC, Nov 2009 (non-refereed)

Hume's Law Is (Still) Standing
Second Buenos Aires Metaethics Workshop, Centro de Estudios Filosoficos y Fenomenologicos Avanzado, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aug 2009


Alcia Hall. Bridging The Gap Between Well-being Research and Policy. APA – Pacific, March 2016

Lewis Powell. Reid vs. Hume on the Objects of Belief. APA – Central, March 2016

Bryan Pickel. Rigidification and Attitudes. Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference # 13: Reference and Referring, Washington State University, Pullman WA and University of Idaho, Moscow ID, May 2010

Brian Laetz and Joshua J. Johnston. "On Fantasy." American Society for Aesthetics — Pacific, Pacific Grove, April 2007

Honors, Fellowships, and Grants

Teaching Experience

At the University of Missouri, Columbia

At the University of Southern California

Guest Lectures

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James Van Cleve — School of Philosophy, USC
Email:; Office Phone: (213) 740 5177

Gideon Yaffe — Yale Law School (on leave, fall 2015)
Email:; Office Phone: N/A.

Tyler Burge — Department of Philosophy, UCLA
Email:; Office Phone: (310) 825 1315

Rebecca Copenhaver — Department of Philosophy, Lewis and Clark College
Email:; Office Phone: (503) 768 7441

Antonia LoLordo — Corcoran Department of Philosophy, University of Virginia
Email:; Office Phone: (434) 924 6917.

Edwin McCann — School of Philosophy, USC
Email:; Office Phone: (213) 740 5169

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